My name is Camilla and I am almost 21 years old . To be precise, I was born the 22nd of August 1997, first and only daughter of a dear mother and a dear father. My biography on my not-so-professional personal instagram account says I’m an over-excited, sleep deprived human being who runs on cynicism, anxiety, stubbornness, hummus and coffee. For how weird this might sound, it’s more or less my life.

I’m a full time second-year- student at the University of Trento, faculty of International Studies. I did my erasmus in Lisbon at the Universidade Nova de LisboaCiências Políticas e Relações Internacionais (FCSH). Currently, I live in Vancouver and study at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver School of Economics summer school. Will be back in Italy around mid-August or September.

In my free time, I love traveling (and mainly road tripping), writing on block notes as they did in the 90s, blogging about everything that goes through my mind, taking photos of food and sunsets, running on panoramic roads and trails, going to the gym when no one is around, biking around the city and drinking coffee with friends (though at the moment I gave up coffee). is kind of a memories-book for me. It’s where I share my experiences, my thoughts, my problems, some advice… in other words, my journey. Writing has always been kind of a therapy to me, by putting those confused words down to paper, being able to see them, black on white, has always brought me clarity and eventually a solution to what I was going through. For years, this happened only on diaries, private documents and so on. However, since 2014 I decided to share a bit of myself on the internet, with the hope to find some advice and, why not, to give some advice. Plusssss… my book Ultimi Giorni d’Inverno is getting published.

I am a free spirit. It’s sounds tumblr-proof, I know, but it’s true. I owe this to my parents, who have grown me up as a citizen of the world, always eager to travel, to explore and to learn new cultures, languages, embrace new traditions. I believe that when you spend too much time traveling, you fall in love with your freedom. Traveling has been a constant part of the equation for me: when I start to feel a bit annoyed or angry, I know I just need to jump on a car, plane, train and I feel better, instantly. I love particularly road tripping because it reminds me of the time when, a way more messy Camilla than I am now, who was struggling to survive some difficulties, understood the benefits of talking in the car. It’s kind of a happy place, you can say what you think, you don’t need any eye contact and the sunset makes even the most meaningless dialogue so poetic.

I also love sports. Had you met me three years ago, I would have NEVER, and I mean seriously never, said that. It’s a love and hate relationship, just like everything else in life. I was the worst dancer in the world when I was little, that’s why I moved to volleyball by the age of 10, in order to purse a career as the worst volleyball player in the world, to finally fall in love with skiing (and writing a book about it!) by the age of 14. Then, some not-so-great “energy” made me take the decision to give up competitive skiing and start enjoying it just as a hobby, something I do with every sport I try now. I started running as a way to spend some quality time with my dad when I was 10, and from that time has evolved into my outburst valve. It helps me reflect, think about problems with a more neutral eye, it gives me the answer I need and it always calms me down when I’m stressed out. Apart from running and occasional days on the ski slopes, I try to hit the gym pretty regularly, spend some time in the pool every now and then, bike around town (extra moving time and less pollution, can you find a con to this?) and try other workouts such as crossfit, spinning, swimming every now and then. What shall I say? I love working out, ESPECIALLY when I’m done.

I’m taking a step by step approach in order to leave the healthiest life I can live. I did a change little by little, starting from the fitness side that was a bit more of a comfort zone for me, to then reach an overall approach that includes rest, nutrition and mostly balance. What I always try to tell myself is that I do what I do because I love my body and I take care of myself.

My to-go quotes for when I need a little extra motivation to face the day? Here’s my top 5.

Ex duris gloria – literally, from harshness to glory.
Organization beats time.
Per aspera ad astra – literally, through difficulties to the stars.
Somos realistas: pedimos lo imposible. Che Guevara – which means, let’s be realistic: we ask for the impossible.
And lastly… Life is a journey, not a destination. Have A Safe Journey!