My name is Camilla, and I am 23years old and I’m a strategy and fitness geek. When asked to describe myself, I usually say I’m an over-excited, sleep-deprived human being who runs on cynicism, anxiety, stubbornness, hummus, and coffee.

But let’s get serious… I’m pursuing a master’s degree in international management at the Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, with a double degree in international management and I am working as business intelligence analysts in one of Portugal’s most prestigious companies. Before this, I got my bachelor’s in International Studies at the University of Trento. I did my Erasmus in Lisbon at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in Ciências Políticas e Relações Internacionais and a summer school in Vancouver, at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver School of Economics.

In my free time, I love traveling (and mainly road-tripping), writing on block notes as they did in the 90s, blogging about everything that goes through my mind, taking photos of food and sunsets, running on panoramic trails, training bloody hard especially if it’s CrossFit (but only when the WOD is done), doing yoga at night and geek about investment law/corporate strategy.

My to-go quote in life: You make the difference.