“L’Invitation au Voyage” – Let’s talk about LOS ANGELES.

How to better begin my new column if not talking about one of the most fascinating and magical cities in the whole world? As you all probably know, Los Angeles is the ultimate symbol of the American dream, a timeless myth, the one and only LaLaLand; as a constant in everyone’s bucket list, L.A. has always…

#SoFast: The Best Night of My Life

Last night, I signed up for my third training at the Nike Town in Oxford Circus. It has started to be kind of a routine: I was no more the new girl, some pacers recognized me as well as some people. I felt part of the group. I was tired, I had signed up with…

The Real Hero ♥

It has been a while, since I told my best friend I would have run NYC without my dad. It has been a while, since my dad told me he was not in the physical and mental shape to run a marathon with me.

Sometimes, I Do Write

Some of you have already known that, some have also read part of my something. The truth is I love writing. I could write 24 hours a day every damn day.

Canada State Of Mind

There is a moment in the airport, which is called waiting. After the trouble with the luggage over weight, after the embarrassing moment when a big American guard touch you everywhere at the body check, after the gate research. In that moment there is only you, yourself and your ego. There are a lot of…