Women That Changed My Life

You probably do not know much of my life, except for what I want you to know by sharing, but I have not always been like this. I have been through a lot of bad moments, that I personally prefer to keep private, from which I took a decision that changed my life.

About Those Legendary 200KM In A Month

It is easy to get pumped. I know that, I always get too pumped. When I started seeing cool progress in my runs last February, I told myself it was time to bring running to the next level. I don ‘t personally like easy challenges, I prefer the hard ones, because there is more satisfaction…

Have You Ever Wanted To Be The Protagonist Of A Book?

Yes, I did! And also Chiara, who made it at the end! In the past few weeks I have been working on a special project with an amazing blogger from Bologna: Chiara Tumiati of Clairely.it. Behind every story there are emotions, landscapes and… outfits! Chiara played the role of Evelyn Dionfyld, the main character of…

Sometimes, I Do Write

Some of you have already known that, some have also read part of my something. The truth is I love writing. I could write 24 hours a day every damn day.