Consulting during Covid-19

*Please note: the project I will refer to in the article is a university consulting project integrated into the Strategy Consulting course at Nova SBE. All students were required to sign an NDA, therefore, I am not allowed to mention anything related to the client or the content of the project. This article will only…

Sunrise from Cassinelli Chalet

Photos taken by Virginia the 5th of July 2016. Lovely morning to see the sunrise! Fotografie scattate da Virginia il 5 luglio 2016. Una splendida mattina per vedere l’alba! Have A Safe Journey! The Studio

Respect the Journey: My First Half

     Alarm clock was set for 6 am, but I started freaking our way before it rang. It was my first seruous race and I was excited, scared, terrified with butterflies in my stomach. I did some stretching and some core stability in the room, the walked to the Health & Fitness Village in Hyde…

#SoFast: The Best Night of My Life

Last night, I signed up for my third training at the Nike Town in Oxford Circus. It has started to be kind of a routine: I was no more the new girl, some pacers recognized me as well as some people. I felt part of the group. I was tired, I had signed up with…


There are plenty of things I could eventually say, now that the race is over. I could say I could have run it faster, I could have followed the pacer, I could, I could, I could. You know what? I AM PROUD OF MY RACE.

The Real Hero ♥

It has been a while, since I told my best friend I would have run NYC without my dad. It has been a while, since my dad told me he was not in the physical and mental shape to run a marathon with me.

Last Turns

As I mentioned countless times, I am keen on skiing. I wasn’t interested in any sport before I started ski racing. The ski season is unfortunately coming to an end, however, I needed to do some more turns before the snow melts. Consequently, on Tuesday I went to #Sestriere, an idyllic ski resort in Piemonte,…

Women That Changed My Life

You probably do not know much of my life, except for what I want you to know by sharing, but I have not always been like this. I have been through a lot of bad moments, that I personally prefer to keep private, from which I took a decision that changed my life.

About Those Legendary 200KM In A Month

It is easy to get pumped. I know that, I always get too pumped. When I started seeing cool progress in my runs last February, I told myself it was time to bring running to the next level. I don ‘t personally like easy challenges, I prefer the hard ones, because there is more satisfaction…

Have You Ever Wanted To Be The Protagonist Of A Book?

Yes, I did! And also Chiara, who made it at the end! In the past few weeks I have been working on a special project with an amazing blogger from Bologna: Chiara Tumiati of Behind every story there are emotions, landscapes and… outfits! Chiara played the role of Evelyn Dionfyld, the main character of…