Trail Without A Trail

   When your dad asks you to go with him for an inspection, in order to pace him, you expect to go on a trail. You expect it to be hard, maybe damaged. However, you definitely do not expect there is no trail so you have to track it. This is what happened to me,…

After Run Pizzas (100% guaranteed)

My answer to the question Why do you run? is simple: I run (also) for food. So yes, when you finish a run (sometimes) you have to reward yourself with a pizza. But where?

Good Morning, Runner!

Not running sucks, or so runners say. Running sucks, this is what non-runners say. Every morning in the city a runner wakes up at 5 am ready to run. It’s 5 pm and I’m still in bed, forcing myself to leave my comfy happy place to face wind, rain and cold in order to log…


The wind is blowing, strong, crispy, like on a London platform. The sun is rising, beyond the mountain’s peak. The trail is quiet, silent, nobody is there yet. So different from the streets of the city.


I was really looking forward to tell you everything about it. A few days ago I posted a photo of my Facebook profile with the written: “I guess #werunpresolana” Some of you, commented on that, asking what was going on, however, my crazy friend/soulmate/companion didn’t let you discover anything. But now it’s time. #werunpresolana is…