Dear Lunar Glide 6

You were the best. We have been through a lot and I have loved you since the very first day.

The Runners’ Code

I like to believe, I am no more that new to the runners’ world. Personally, I took me a while to get used to this world: after 7 years of running irregularly, last March I took a decision that changed my life. 

Running A Marathon: This Is How We Roll

Running a marathon isn’t one day of fun, strength and running. So how do we prepare? We all came up with a view on our training sessions and schedule. – How much time does it take to train for a marathon on a weekly basis? – Is it just running? – How do you build…

Not Only A Marathon

I tried to do my best, but neither this week I got the chance to publish as much as I would. However, there is a topic I haven’t been on for a while: the marathon.


It’s supposed to be hardIf it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great. – Tom Hanks Not a long time ago I had an unexpected whatsapp talk with Jessica. It wasn’t a good period for me, so training was going bad. She asked me if I really wanted to run…

HaveASafeJourney & Sportiefstel Project

(CHARLOTTE) Hi there! My name is Charlotte & I’m a blogger at the Dutch blog Translate the name and you get something like ‘sporty couple’. It’s a blog about the sports adventure of the boyfriend and I.

Mind Matters

Though my ass disagree (this is a long story which involves a downhill run and a lot of bike), I found out the challenge is more mental than physical. Yes, this is the hard part: you can train your body as much as you want, but how can you train your mind?

10 thoughts for 10 km

Have you ever tried to think how hard can 10 km be? I am used to this distance, I run it at least once a week, but they are still though. From the seventh to the ninth it is something terrible, pure pain. However, if you are training for a marathon you have to run…

About Those Legendary 200KM In A Month

It is easy to get pumped. I know that, I always get too pumped. When I started seeing cool progress in my runs last February, I told myself it was time to bring running to the next level. I don ‘t personally like easy challenges, I prefer the hard ones, because there is more satisfaction…


Yes, I do. I am that kind of person. You may say I am a dreamer (John Lennon) and I hope not to be the only one! Anyway, 2015 has always meant a lot to me, not only because it’s the year I will finally be 18, but also because I have had some though…

You Can’t Have A Rainbow, Without A Little Rain

Hello, hello! Does somebody remember me? I know, I’m terribly late with the blog, but really, the past two weeks were horrible. I woke up like 7 days (out of 12) at 5 am to end up studying… why? Because in my school we have something called interperiodo, it’s the first part of the first…