September: Editorial

L’estate sta finendo (disse la donna ufficialmente in vacanza per altri 25 giorni) e la verità è che credo sia stata la più bella di sempre (almeno finora). Ho viaggiato finché ho potuto, in Liguria, a Londra, a Budapest, poi di nuovo a Londra, poi di qua, poi di là… ogni occasione è stata buona…

April Editorial

Spring is finally here! The weather is getting warmer every day, there are so many incredibly sunny days here in Trento and flowers are blooming all over the town. It’s a brand new month, a blank page, a new chapter of this amazing 2017, there are brand new challenges ahead and I’m sure there will…

September: Wind of Change

List of things I have to do when I get home (simplified version): The laundry Go to Liguria Go to the Apple Store and get my iphone fixed Buy my fixed iPhone a new cover Find a house/room/a place in Trento Pack my stuff and move out Go to Bologna and meet Chiara Go to…

July: Hello Summer!

*Okay I’m terribly sorry for having missed the deadline once more but there has been a family emergency and when I finally found a wifi it was already 7pm*. Can you feel the heat while running? Can you feel the burn? Can you feel the sun on your skin while lying down breathless? There’s only…

June Editorial

June has always been my favourite month. Because in June you end up tired, almost dead, but you have the perspective of three months vacation. Not this year, this year of the final exam is menacing me (this is the first time that I say it, isn’t it? Haha). But the idea of finally ending…

Editorial: March

Hello everyone, does someone remember me? Yes there are no excuses for such a long absence, but the fact school is overwhelming me (now you should considers saying something to make me feel better)(and when I say consider I mean please do it I’m desperate).

Editorial: February

Take a deep breath. Look back. New year’s eve seems so close but also so far. Now open your eyes, it’s February.

January Editorial

A new year has begun. I have been looking forward to post this editorial for three days, but tradition doesn’t allow you to do so until the 1st of January.

Editorial: November

Welcome November! November in Rome is super cool, that’s why I so happy about this new beginning. I guess in an editorial you should write about the plans for the upcoming month, but I’m not sure about them. I mean, of course I know I’m going to Berlin at the end of November, but what…

September Editorial

New month, new editorial, right? Here we are then, welcome September! I seems incredible we have just approached the ninth month of the year, it seemed yesterday when I was dancing at the new year’s party with my friends, screaming that’s the year of our dreams with my bestie. And now, it is already September….

August Editorial

Thanks to the amazing challenge launched by Nike, last July in London I worked on my speed. It was a great way to switch workout for a little, but then I had to focus on my real goal and take a decision.