Expat Life: Habibti, come to Qatar

Last May, on the train back from Torino, I was writing my annual appraisal and I felt like I had a very clear idea of how my life would play out in the next 5-10 years. I had just participated in a high-level executive meetings along with one of the Partners at my former company, who I deeply respect and that I am privileged to call a mentor. I finally had that moment of realization of what it means, in essence, to be a strategic advisor.

I can still picture that moment vividly: the client counterpart was going off a tangent and he asked them one single question. From that moment on, there was a clear realization in the room: he was the advisor. Not a single sheer of doubt. And that moment changed the whole conversation.

I remember asking him for a feedback call the week after, which turned out to be a very honest conversation and replied with a sincere YES to the question: do you see yourself in consulting in the long-term?

And then life was like: not so quick to draw any conclusion. Within a month, I had received an offer from another consulting company. In the Middle East. Actually I should say THE offer. The offer I would have not even dared to dream in when I was doing my masters. From the company I didn’t even dare to apply back then. At the very moment when I was actually feeling very comfortable in the company I was at.

After 2 weeks of back and forth with my most trusted advisors and an impromptu trip to Doha, I had signed the offer and was ready to embark on this big professional change. Fast forward to today, I have been in Doha for just over 6 months. It is finally starting to feel like home. I may not have bought a single piece of furniture (or any home thing besides tupperwares), but I finally feel like my 2 blue suitcases are gonna be staying here for a while.

And last night, while running along the corniche it really hit me: how crazy has been this ride so far, but how thankful I am for having had the courage to step outside of my comfort zone when it felt like the worst time.

Have a safe journey!



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