Maxi Pancakes

Did I mention I’m on a new quarantine diet? Briefly, I was a highly active person before the pandemic, thus, I could eat a fair amount of calories and still be in a calorie deficit. Right now, I consider myself privileged to still be allowed one hour of fresh air by the Ocean. And while we all do beautiful instagrammable home workouts, nothing closes the gap between calories eaten and calories burned like a low NEAT. All those bike rides to Nova, all those beautiful steps from building D to Pingo Doce, to the C, to the copy shop piled up. Now I am less active, and naturally we had to lower my macros a bit. However, I am quite annoyed by these lower calories and had some troubles sleeping in general as I didn’t waste so much energy as before. So we thought about changing the way I have my meals and now I have a fourth beautiful meal full of carbs right before going to bed.

One recipe I am really in love with are these Maxi Pancakes that came out of the unfinished egg whites I couldn’t use in the banana bread. It’s been a love story ever since. Here’s what you’ll need…

Ingredients (3 servings)

100g rye flour
50g oat flour
10g carob powder
20g coconut powder
350g egg whites
8g baking powder
100ml oat milk

Method: mix everything together and put each dose in a pan (medium hot). Cover and let it cook for like 5-10 minutes or so on low. Then turn around and cook on the other side. Timing really depend on how hot is the pan. But remember it has to cook inside and raise a bit!

Macros: 316Kcal | C 43 | P 18 | F 6.5

Yes, these are quite high in calories, but after all, they make a satisfying meal. Great paired with protein powder cream + jam or nutella. As always, let me know if you try them and send me your creations!

Have a safe journey (this time from the bathroom to the kitchen, one way)!

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