Micro Goals

I’m one of those people with a yearly bucket list. In my case, it is never aimed at fulfilling each and every element on that. But it’s sort of a roadmap of where I want to be one year from now. It keeps me motivated, it serves as a reminder and as a mean to maintain discipline and determination towards those goals.

It’s hard to stay highly motivated, highly efficient, highly everything when working/studying from home. However, I’m finally noticing a breakthrough in my attitude and habits. Last week I read an article about the importance of micro-goals, daily, small, insignificant objectives that you want to achieve. And while none of this alone will make any different, once they pile up you’ll feel a real benefit in terms of dopamin, happiness, and productivity. The author mentioned some goals she set for herself were things like “Wash your hair today” or “Do a face mask.” So on a Sunday night I made my list.

Vacuum clean the house
Do the laundry
Face mask
Body scrub
1h research for project X
1h review subject Y
1h online masters classes
1.5h masters classes
1 workout
No screens after 10pm

This was my day one list. I achieved 8/10. The following night I adapted it. Was there anything left behind on that day that could have been moved on the following day? If so, I put it there. Was there any new commitment that came up? Grocery shopping. Declutter the wardrobe. Do a powerpoint for project Z. And the following day, I went through my list again. Little by little, I noticed improvements. Improvements in my mood. Improvements in my productivity. So I established my daily non-negotiables.

It’s been over a week with this routine. Of course I’m far from being as productive as before quarantine, but I believe I am becoming more aware of my time, more capable of managing 23/24h at home every day. I am more calm. More relaxed. More myself.

I don’t know if this is just related to the fact it’s been almost 3 weeks of self-isolation, but honestly, I feel it’s helping me immensely.

Have you tried micro-goal setting? What was your experience like?

Have a safe journey (to your garden)!

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