Banana Bread

How many days have we been in quarantine? Honestly, I have no idea. I think its about a month in Italy, and here we started with social distancing from mid-March and I chose to voluntarily self-isolate from the very beginning. It’s not easy, and we all rather be in the beautiful Carcavelos Beach skipping classes for Sangria al La Capricciosa, but life is life, and we’ll get through this, one way or another. One thing I learnt from the lowest of my lows and from the people around me is that humans are resilient. We’ll adapt. We’ll overcome it. We’ll come back stronger. This of course is not meant at undervaluing the seriousness of the threat we are facing or the pain some families are enduring right now. And to acknowledge the sacrifice of many, we shall at least #STAYHOME.

And what’s the best thing one can do at home? Bake! This – and many other recipes – were supposed to come up later this year in a special project. However, due to the situation we decided we can share some of them now, when people really need to distract themselves… by baking or any other means. But be aware: we’re saving all the hours you put in the gym and all those weeks of dieting. This banana bread recipe has no refined sugar, is packed with protein and many nutrients.

Ingredients (makes 10 slices)

3 medium bananas
60g of oat flour
120g of rye flour
1 large egg
150g of egg whites
100ml of oat milk (or less/more, adjust accordingly)
50g of chocolate chips (optional)
30-50g of protein powder (optional)

Method (is that really needed?) Mash the bananas and add eggs + egg whites. Mix them as if you were making scrambled eggs, aiming for a fluffy moisture (if you have a hand mixer, it would probably be cool at this stage). Add the flours, the protein powder and see whether some milk is needed. Once the batter is ready, fold in the chocolate chips. I bake it at 200°C for 1 h but my over is not really good, so it might take you less time.

Macros: (per slice) 171kcal | C 25 | P 10 | F 3.4

Hope you will give this a try and tag me in your creations!

Have a safe journey (from the living room to the bedroom and return)!

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