It doesn’t fit (anymore)


For as long as I can remember, in my adult life I have been shopping mostly (if not always) at Zara. I love it. I find it cheap, cost-effective, durable even. I’ve found a lot of things that respect my taste, that I loved wearing, that made me feel good in my own skin. Recently my favorite pair of pants started to fit a little too loose for my own taste. So I drove all the way to the closest zara and attempted to find the same piece, one size smaller (it’s a basic piece, and it’s usually always available).

I’ve lost weight. Since last September around 5kg, maybe even more. I have changed my body composition, and now my body fat is way less than it used to be. My body is different. I appreciate it. I embrace it. It may still needs improvements and work, but it has changed. BUT one thing is finding out most of your clothes are now too big for you. Sometimes it’s pleasing, sometimes it’s awful, as you are in front of your wardrobe wondering “what the hell am I going to wear?“. It is another thing to find out your body measures no longer fit into Zara’s clothes.

Don’t get me wrong. I am NOT criticizing Zara. I love their clothes. I truly do. But despite my body being smaller, more toned, healthier, and a bit more muscular, all positive things, my body size is now in a grey zone, a grey zone that Zara does not cover. (I am mentioning zara because I usually shop there, but I tried on so many clothes from brands like Motivi, H&M, Polo Jeans, etc and had the same problem). Depending on the piece of cloth, either I find the size large way too big, and the size medium too small on my chest, or I find pants too big for my waist and too small for my booty. I am in between.

So I am learning that losing weight is not simply buying clothes one (or more) size smaller, but it is finding a new brand that dresses me like Zara used to. I found out most of the pieces by Ralph Lauren are perfect for my current body. Some pieces by Zara, still fit like a glove, but not the pants. Nor even Gap – my all time favorite jeans brand – fit me anymore. So I’m transitioning to FitJeans, a brand that dresses fit women like myself.

I am adapting. It doesn’t not mean it’s easy. It means it’s necessary.

Will keep you posted on how it goes. I am honestly a bit annoyed on how any brand has “implicit” canons for the women size. A bit more inclusivity would certainly not hurt. But still…

Have A Safe Journey!

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