Traveling: Alone VS Couple

In the last few years, I have become quite adroit at traveling alone. Don’t get me wrong, I traveled Europe with my best friend over some long weekends. I still exploited my dad’s contacts to end up in 5 stars hotels when traveling with the fam. But mostly I traveled alone. It was me, my 50L backpack and a luggage (if I was away for longer than 2 weeks). But that was it. I had to book one ticket. To book a room for one. A meal for one. Everything was just up to me. Traveling alone has been something that scared me the first few times, but also something that felt so liberating that became addictive.

I went to Bulgaria, the UK, Canada (3 times!), the US, Austria, and many other countries on my own. It was okay. Totally and utterly okay. Of course, my father called me like 20 times a day (especially in Canada, which is damn safe but still, it’s daddy), my family has been worried, but I was fortunate (and careful) enough that I have always come back home happy (happier, actually). That until I booked a birthday trip for my boyfriend last January.

What happens when you travel in couple?

First and foremost, your boy carries your handbag. No need for comfy shoes and a heavy backpack, so that your hands are free. The boy travels with a small suitcase and can carry yours, as he does not have a second smaller bag. That is definitely a plus, though I missed the feeling of the backpack on my shoulders. It was something that gave me safety, it reminded me that even if my luggage was lost, I would still have a way to make it through a couple of days. With that said, it is amazing to have someone carry your bag, so that you are able to travel in a more chic way, with, Idk, boots maybe? And silk pants. And all that stuff I never wear when at the airport alone.

Second, it is no longer all about you. It is about the two of you. Don’t get it the wrong way, it was amazing going to Portugal with the bf. But we had to, you know, find a balance between the two travel styles. I always walk. I would average 30-35 km per day when in a new town (my record is currently 39), he had rented a car (which was necessary, but still, different from my usual style). I’d usually have a huge/late breakfast and skip lunch, he would do both of course.

Third, I am an overactive traveler. I might visit the whole city in 3 days, and when I say the whole city, I truly mean the whole city. Ask Bea for reference, we walked so much we ended up at the airport in Budapest a long time ago. He is way more relaxed. He takes his time in the morning, rests a little mid afternoon, and generally spends more time in the hotel. And it makes sense, cause usually I would come back home jet-lagged as hell, and tired; he would be well-rested and ready to take on the next full months of work.

Lastly, there have been quite a few differences, nothing we hadn’t noticed before, but it was an opportunity to strengthen our relationship, so I am all down for that. We’ll keep you posted on our next trips.


Want to find yourself? Disconnect? Get lost? Travel alone. Want to share an experience? Wear fancy dresses? Be the travel couple you see on Instagram? Then travel in couple. Wants to try the best of both? How about you go to a city a few days, and then meet your other half a couple of days later in another city nearby (like Porto and Lisbon for instance)?

Have A Safe Journey!

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