Hell Week: We are doing it AGAIN

A few nights ago, while I was eating a pizza with my boyfriend, I officially told him I was going to do two hell weeks this year. Last time I did it in November 2016, it completely changed my life and the way I approach life, challenges and everything in between. 27 months later, I am willing to take on the challenge, once again.

What is a Hell Week?

Everyone has its own way. Barry’s Bootcamp has its version, the militaries have theirs, the average person uses the hashtag hell week when they are particularly busy. Yet, the one I am referring to is the one proposed by Erik Bertrand Larssen in its best-selling book “Hell Week“.
Since it has been a life-changing book for me, I strongly advise you to buy your own copy and will do my best not to spoil you all the things you have to do. BUT I want to lay down the rules he wrote on the back of the cover.

  1. Early to bed, early to rise.
  2. Look your absolute best at all times.
  3. Exercise to the extreme.
  4. Stick to a healthy diet.
  5. Take charge of your digital life.
  6. Get hyperfocused.
  7. Step up your game.

So yeah, it is quite extreme. But who doesn’t love a good challenge?

What’s my goal?

Last time I did it, I wanted to stick to the habit of going to the gym every day, something that I recently let go a little bit – and I do not like my newer attitude. So, of course, an essential aim for me is getting back into 7/7 days of training and after this week keep up a 5-6 days training week. Secondly, I really want to focus on taking back control of my digital life, given how much time I waste on my phone or computer. But mostly, I want to re-find myself. The hyper-focused version of myself, the one that is not afraid of challenges, but instead embraces them in the name of a more significant result.

What’s gonna be different?

First of all, this time is going to be around CrossFit. At least the first one. And in the second one, the boyfriend is going to be in charge of all the training aspects. And he knows how to be brutal when it comes to training. He knows all my strengths and weaknesses, so I believe I will be pushed to a point of breakdown that I have never hit before – training-wise.

Secondly, I will set a passcode to my phone (actually, someone else will set the passcode) that will prevent me from using Instagram, Facebook, and all the Social Networks for more than 5 minutes per day. And that is going to be as hard as the training, if not more.

Thirdly, last time I embraced the “stick to a healthy diet” as “stick to a low-calorie diet”, without counting macros or anything. This time, I want a high protein, correct-calorie, whole diet.

Lastly, while there are many other things that I need to decide and prepare for, I have not quite made up my mind about the sleepless night. But I will update you on that.

Have A Safe Journey!

P.S. If you want to do an EBL Hell Week as well, maybe the same week I am doing it, be sure to send me an email so that you will receive a special PDF I am drafting just for you!

Pic from November 2016, during the Hell Week

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