day 60 – and now what?

So this post wasn’t planned, however, since yesterday’s post I got asked what the boyfriend/PT had already asked me on Saturday: what is your next goal now?

Well, let me begin by saying that I would love to aim for a 150kg back squat because that would put me in the elite group of squatters (according to women my age). And while I believe it might be achievable, with the right time and the right preparation, that is not my primary focus (for now!).

First, I want to strengthen my upper body, learn to do push ups and pull ups. YES, I’m sorry for having disappointed you, but I am not capable of doing more than 2 push-ups, which is stupid given that I am able to squat 100kgs.

Second, I want to work on my core (we created the hashtag #ABSforPuglia, but I guess I’m not gonna go into this). I want to be able to plank 5 minutes (yes, I said it, 5 minutes), and do all the hardcore stuff my CrossFit pals do (apparently making it look effortlessly).

Third, I want to work on my nutrition. I was shown I do not eat enough proteins to sustain my active lifestyle (the fats goal is always achieved, however, thanks to peanut butter), so starting this week I am going to track the macros of the food I prepare, and aim for a higher amount of proteins in my daily diet. However, given the sustainability issue, I will always prefer plant-based ones, instead of animal ones (though I said I’m gonna eat more grass-fed meat & wild fish).

Fourth, and consequent to all of the above, I want to work on my body composition. I told you in a previous post that I lost weight, and that is still a focus. However, what I am now working for is lowering my overall body fat and increasing the percentage of lean muscles. Will keep you updated on this, as it is something completely new for me as well.

Fifth, I want to prepare my first CrossFit competition, a very amateurish one, but still a comp. And it’s team-comp.

So I guess I should have titled this post Day 1 – what’s next, but hey, we can start counting anyway, right?
Have A Safe Journey!

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