“You’ve lost weight”

I guess there is no easy way to talk about this. So I am going to do it in the only way I know it, with the sharp, witty, honest talk I always do when it comes to such issues.

I have lost weight. Maybe not as much as I’d like. Maybe not enough for everyone to notice. But enough for me to re-fit into an old pair of ski trousers that haven’t gone past my butt since 10th grade, enough for me to need a new pair of skinny jeans since the old ones are now too big, and enough for me to notice that I should have bought them two size smaller, rather than just one.

But that is not my purpose here. I aim to tell you what happened to me. Once I saw people that haven’t seen me in the last three months, they either ignored the fact I lost weight – and that is totally fine since I barely notice it in anyone, including myself – or told me that I lost so much weight. That you can see it in my face. That I never looked so skinny. While I don’t like the word skinny, it wouldn’t have bothered me enough to type this post.

With that said, I do not believe that anyone has the right to tell me whether I should change my habits if I do not ask for advice. And lastly, why do they tell me not to become too strong? or too skinny. That no boy is going to like a woman with a man’s body. Yet, none of this would have been published on the blog if the issue stopped here. I would have typed on a word doc, then complained about it in my boyfriend’s car, and forgotten about it soon enough. But what really got me thinking is that people notice before that you’ve lost weight, and maybe do not even see that you are happier than ever before, stressed out like you have never been, etc.

Like, are we really so focused on the external appearance that we cannot even tell the difference between a fake smile and a real, pristine one?

On a final note, I believe weight (both gain and loss) are such difficult topics to talk about that no one, not even your closest ones, should feel the right to bring it up, nor tell you what to do, as long as what you are doing makes you happy.

Have A Safe Journey!

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