day 39 – not quite there

Remember day 1? It’s been 39 days since then, 39 days during which I worked my ass off, dealt with life in between, ate as much protein as I could, jiggled in university, too many squats per day and many other things.

I did NOT reach my goal of a 100 kg back squat by the end of January. First and foremost, because I did not try it again. Because the people I trust with this told me not to. And given that, I believe that even if I had tried it, I would have failed it.

I failed a training session for the first time, last Saturday. The plan was a 5×5 reps at 83kg, and I did not finish the workout, failing the last set at rep 3. And while he did not think it was a failure, I felt it was. I felt I was.

I had nausea during the entire time. It turned out I wasn’t feeling well and the day after I was really sick, but back then we did not know. And while I specifically asked for the toughest session he could give me, the day after I felt destroyed. And fever only made it worst, as my DOMs triplicated within a couple of hours as soon as fever heated up. But still, I failed it.

So what are we doing now? Since I’m sick, if I get well in time for Saturday’s training I will go again for 83kg at 5×5. Then next week we are gonna do one session 5×5 at 85kg and another one at 88kg. After that, we will either go straight for the RM trial or do one more strength session (maybe around 19th of Feb) with my former RM as a weight. And finally, we planned (for now) to do the RM on Saturday 23 of February. Almost one month later than planned, but I’d rather take extra time than fail again my goal. And even then, I am probably not going to be sure whether I will make it or not.

Are you following along?

Have A Safe Journey!

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