Jan, you were good. February, you could be better

It’s this time of the month. The beginning of a new chapter and a brief review of the previous one, hoping that for once you have finally learned the lesson.

January has been good. Real good. I was very stressed the first 18 days due to an exam, that went very well, and then had 12 days with a bit more time to do what I love, stay with the people I care about and even take a little holiday in my favorite country in Europe: Portugal. But I also had some dark days, days when I felt at my lowest, I had a little injury by falling off the bar at crossfit, I did not reach the 100kg back squat, but I am still working towards that. But that is only the beginning, right?

The direction I want my life to take in February is going the same way as January. I want to spend less time on social media, I want to focus on my overall health, from nutrition and training, to sleep, happiness and everything related to this. But I know I haven’t given my 100% in January to this. I want to try harder, with all the failures and falls that come with this. But I am confident, that the only way is forward.

We will see. Keep shining!

Have A Safe Journey!

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