Dry January

Did a partial dry January – I say “partial” because we celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday in Douro Valley, where the uberly famous Porto Wine is produced, so I decided that weekend did not count for dry January, and I would keep it for a week longer once we got back. But despite this exception, dry January has thought me a lot.

  1. Liquid calories do count. I felt leaner, less bloated. Of course, being in a period of extreme stress did not help, but the good news is that I managed to survive it without relying on gin&tonic all the time.
  2. In fact, there are other things you can drink apart from Gin Tonic. Like virgin Gin Tonic. Which tastes exactly like Gin Tonic except for the Gin. JK. You can get fresh orange juice, you can drink more water and you can even get green juice if you are feeling extra fancy.
  3. Also, I could train every single day, no matter what. DOMS and companions were there, yes, but I did not sweat Negroni while doing a WOD.
  4. And I could even lift more. I felt stronger. Maybe this is mental, but the day I did my PR I had no drinks the night before, but obviously had a couple during that week. I did not feel at my 100% for many other reasons, but maybe alcohol was one of them. AND both the coach and the boyfriend noticed I recover faster and can increase the weight I use for strength training way faster.
  5. Even more important… I could sleep better.
  6. My skin improved. I took greater care of it with some masks, serums etc, but probably no alcohol also helped.
  7. I felt healthy. And mentally that drove me to make healthier choices in other aspects of my life. It drove me to choose an apple over an apple pie. It drove me to go to the gym despite feeling sore. It drove me away from my grandma’s endless reserve of chocolate.

The Verdict? I’m going to keep going fully dry until the 14th of January. Then take the weekend off, then 2 more weeks dry, until the beginning of March, when my Portuguese friends will come to Italy, so I will be more relaxed towards my eating/drinking/exercise schedules. After that, I will try to keep up the dry until Easter, or a trip. On a general basis, I’d like to drink no more than 1 cocktail/glass of wine per week, and maybe not even every week. I guess the dry regime is a bit too strict, especially when there are a lot of social occasions in between, but I needed to detox after Christmas, so it fulfilled its purposes. Now I just need to apply the lessons learned to a sustainable everyday habit.

Have A Safe Journey!

That is the only “””alcoholic””” drink I consumed in the past few days. Please notice it says alcohol free.

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