What’s in my GYM Bag?

My gym bag is huge. For some reasons, my very first gym bag was bright pink, something that made me feel super girlish and I did not really tolerate, but given how not girlish I am when I train, I decided to keep it, until I found a bigger one at least.

The current one is from Reebok and it is a 57L which I seriously love, mainly because it has my name written on it. It allows me to carry everything I need including the following.

  • A pair of CrossFit shoes, Metcon usually.
  • A pair of running shoes, Vomero or Epic React.
  • Flip flops!
  • A couple of outfits to workout inside (all of them in a separate laundry bag I take out at night without having to change the whole bag).
  • A jacket in case I decide to warm up running outside
  • A set of towels (from Decathlon)
  • A few Nakd bars and some nuts in case I get hungry after working out
  • A shaker with a scoop of protein powder inside (or the protein powder packet if I pack the bag for the whole week)
  • BCAA
  • A bottle of water (reusable)
  • A weightlifting belt
  • A yoga band
  • An elastic band
  • Beauty bag: deodorant, perfume, shampoo, bath gel, body lotion, face hygienizer (my favorite is the Moon Water from Lush), face serum (from Aromatherapy Associates), makeup, hairspray.
  • Additional: I am trying to go swimming more often, so I keep a swimsuit, goggles, and a cap in the bag as well, in case I stop at the swimming pool on the way back home.

I pack probably more than what I should, given that my gym is just an over-10-minutes drive from my home, but I am very comfortable at having everything I need and all the “just in case” stuff with me.

Now, your turn… what do you carry in your gym bag?

Have A Safe Journey!

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