I have been wanting to write this post for a very long time but never really felt in the mood for it. It’s quite hard to describe Whistler, as – to date – is one of my favorite places and probably one of the best I have ever been to. I loved it, from the very bottom of my heart, I enjoyed every single moment there and I can easily see myself living either there or on Vancouver in the future. But we are not here to talk about myself, we are here to talk about a magic place and what you cannot miss about it – if you go there for a couple of days or so.

First thing first, you have to go both on top of Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb mountain as they are both stunning. I have been there in the summer, so I have no ideas about the winter, but I can easily guess there are going to be countless slopes, as well as chalets and trails. In the summer, I would personally recommend taking every train on the map, from the highest and most difficult ones like the High Note Trail and Musical Bumps Trail, but also the Spearhead Loop, Harmony Lake Loop, Pika Traverse Road, Whistler Summit Interpretative Walk and of course the Suspension Bridge. I walked about 36 km that day so if you are quite trained and up for the challenge, you can probably walk most – if not all – the trails in one or 2 days.

Lunching, dinner and snacking — another important activity, right? My favorite dinner spot was without any doubt 21Steps + Kitchen where I took this delicious salmon and this giant cookie that I still dream before going to bed.

I unfortunately skipped lunch for 3 days as I was always out in the wild, but the Wild Wood Cafe fueled me with this huge breakfast that kept me full for hours.

And I leave this for the last as it is still mouthwatering to me… PureBread bakery, both for breakfast and for a pick-me-up when needed. They also have a lot of vegan options, so it is highly recommended!

I know there are some Swedish baths in a sauna near Whistler village but I did not get the chance to go, as my time there was limited and you know I am extremely fond of the mountains. Still, if you happen to stay there for longer, by all means you should probably take a look.

But mostly, breath. Whistler is such a calm, relaxing place, very in harmony with the context in which it is inserted. It will give you fresh, pristine energy to go on with your life, to chase your goals. Do yourself a favor and book your next winter or summer retreat in Whistler ASAP.

Have A Safe Journey!

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