I’m doing the #Sweat12WC

First things first. I’m not gonna quit CrossFit. Far from it. I am using the #Sweat12WC to improve my CrossFit performances.

Because let’s be honest. I was a good beginner at CrossFit because I had been running for many years and had been playing with weights for about 2 years, but now I am just going to CrossFit. I have recently restarted to do some strength training in the open gym days, but that happens at max 2 times per week. I am worried I am hitting a plateau.

So here is the #Sweat12WC, a twelve weeks challenge all over the world, for women. I am going to do the BBG guide, as my main aims are to increase my aerobic capacity, lean muscles and reduce body fat, together with giving my body extra chances to adapt to HIIT training and therefore perform better in AMRAPs, etc.

I checked the full schedule of BBG this morning when I opened the program for the very first time, in order to plan how to insert it in my usual CrossFit schedule. I am planning to do the three resistance workouts, consider CrossFit my low-intensity workout (not really but still) (and maybe add a brisk walk a couple of times a week) and do either the high intensity or challenge on Saturday, after strength and before recovery.

Given that this week I am stressed for other reasons and have less time to dedicate, I will focus on completing at least 2 of the resistance workouts (plus one on Sunday if I don’t do it before), avoiding to put pressure on myself to complete the whole schedule.

Starting next week, when I will be considerably less stressed, I will do the following. BBG Resistance on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, while doing CrossFit 5 times a week as well, and I will keep doing strength as usual on Tuesday and Saturday (well, next Saturday I’m gonna be on vacation, so I’m gonna use the BBG again but still). Given the high amount of training and stress I am putting on my body, I aim to take full 30 minutes every single morning to stretch accordingly, do some basic yoga sun-salutation routines and use the foam roller before bed, alongside a recovery session per night.

Before you say I am crazy and that amount of training is too much etc., listen up! I am trained. I might not be the most trained girl in the box, my body might not be athletic as I would like to, but I am trained enough. I know how my body performs when I train 7 times a week in a 6 days framework while working as a waiter and studying. My body recovers well. I am ready. However, if I ever fell overwhelmed or stressed or overly sore, I am willing to take a step back.

Oh, last but not least… to keep me accountable, a friend of mine is doing it with me!

Are you in for the #Sweat12WC?
Have A Safe Journey!

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