How to Cook for a Significant One that Counts MACROs

You all heard of macros, right? And while most of us (including me most of the times – sorry babe) ignore it, I happen to go out with a significant one that counts macros. So, about a month ago, when I invited him over to dinner and planned to cook, I was a bit scared about how to make my “please-don’t-turn-out-disgusting” meal fit into his macros.

I stick to a simple meal. I cooked some zucchini with fresh tomatoes to give them that Mediterranean flavor that I hoped he would appreciate (and he did, FYI) and a spoon of olive oil (because I know his fats are quite low). Then, I went to the grocery’s and bought two quite big Angus beef burgers, which happen to be lower in fats but obviously still high in protein. I knew he would also need some carbs – as he would come after training – so I got some sfoglie, which is an Italian type of bread(ish). Basically it is a super thin and crunchy bread(ish) thing with some spices on top, usually rosemary or oregano, sometimes even basil.

Further, given that my significant one loves salad (crazy, right??) I decided to prepare a bit of salad with shredded carrots (extra carbs) and 5 nuts (3 on mine) so that when he would later add a bit of olive oil he would be perfectly in line with his daily macros.

If I were not a non-believer of marrying, I would probably write in capital letters IS THIS WEDDING MATERIAL OR WHAT?

But the story doesn’t end there. On another occasion, I was supposed to cook for my significant other, straight after we both went back from the gym (that time he trained me, remember?) so that lunch had to be even more balanced. So I cooked a big batch of roasted veggies (eggplants as we both love them), wholewheat pasta (50g for me, 200g for him) with zucchini and fresh tomatoes (YES, this was repetitive but these were the only thing we had in the fridge and my glutes and quads were too tired to go to the supermarket) and a turkey burger. Babe wanted to serve the whole wheat pasta plain – like no condiment at all, as he normally eats it like this and I almost left him for that (JUST KIDDING you all calm down) – a further proof of how dedicated he is to sticking to his macros.

I still need to learn the perfect amounts of macros, like how many grams of protein exactly? How many carbs? I know they are quite high, so I normally can let anything fit into them but you know, those fats always get in the way!

On a final note, do you have any tip for me? Because for the sake of our relationship, I am expected to cook again (I guess) and since babe is not a chef (though I have seen just a pic of his attempts in the kitchen) either, we would need to improve (and stay healthy to reach our fitness goals).

Have A Safe Journey!

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