What It’s Like to Be Your Girlfriend’s PT for a Day

Do you remember that time when my boyfriend trained me? A lot of you guys asked about his perspective… it took me very little to obtain a YES from him, so there you go! Hope you will enjoy it.

I think that sharing your passion with someone is one of the most pleasing things in life. If the person in question is the person you love, there is nothing better.

But let’s get to the point… On a charming Saturday morning, my girlfriend and I went to the Life Village in Gallarate (marvelous facility!). I have to admit that the idea to train my other half on one side excited me, on the other put me under pressure. I was thrilled to share one of my greatest passions with her, but I was anxious because I did not want to disappoint her.

Since I wanted to challenge my girlfriend (she is strong) I opted for training explicitly focused on legs. After a specific workout warm-up (10 minutes on the treadmill and postural stretching), we began the actual training.

The first exercise was SQUAT (oh, well, she was unaware of what she was about to do). After a set of 12 reps each increasing the weight, we reach the weight I believed correct and we started the DROP SET. As she explained yesterday, she basically had to squat as much as she could and when she couldn’t go any longer, I would drop a bit of weight until the bar was empty. After the first set, during the recovery, my fantastic girlfriend was looking at me with very sweet eyes, seeing all saints and probably thinking I want to kill you.

After 3 sets perfectly done, we started phase 2. A few weeks before, she had told me that she hated lunges. Seeing her in pain was hard for the boyfriend in me, but the personal trainer was thinking she has to suffer, she is strong, she can make it to the end. At the end of these, she had to do the leg press. I had never felt so hated in my life. But the apex has been at the end of the TABATA protocol, I really thought she would leave me.

At the end of the training, I was delighted, proud of my lady and sure she would never disappoint me (I NEVER had this doubt). Training her was the confirmation that there should not be any difference in women’s and men’s training. Both can and have to do the same type of training. Apparently, men have different advantages (hormones, muscles etc). But with dedication, perseverance, and sacrifice – with the help of competent and expert people, everyone can radically change themselves.

Everything lies in your hands, it is up to you to behave as lambs or lions. Do not say you do not have time, the girl who owns this blog is a super busy woman (studies, writes this blog, writes books and also dates me!), but she trains incredibly hard.

Yes, my girlfriend is STRONG (not only when it comes to squat).

Have A Safe Journey!

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  1. The Studio says:

    Is your boyfriend single? Just kiddin, though I wouldn’t mind dating a guy who not only trains me but also believes I’m strong AF. Can’t wait to read more about your love & gym lives together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Camilla says:

      He’s gonna be very happy to read that LO


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