What It’s Like to Have Your Boyfriend Be Your PT for a Day

I told you before that my boyfriend is really into fitness — and I am kinda into myself. So when we were away, we decided it would not be so bad after all, if we went to the gym on Saturday morning (I can hear your gasps already). Things got quickly from easy 5km on the treadmill to hardcore when he told me he had a training schedule for me — and I, god knows why, accepted. 2 days later, a still sore booty and quads, I am ready to tell you what it’s like to have your boyfriend being your PT and why you don’t mix business and pleasure.

We did the session at the Life Village in Gallarate (which we sincerely thank for their hospitality, kindness and compliment for their incredible facility!). We got changed and then we met in the fitness area on the upper floor. I stepped on the curved manual treadmill (the one you are the motor) and started warming up. I was nervous. Like really nervous. YES, I guess I owe you some explanation why I was so nervous.

Let me begin by saying that when I started dating him, I was not at my very best shape. The night we went out the first time, I hadn’t been training for 2 months, and that was not my usual self. I felt unconfident in my skin and I saw my power diminishing every single day, when I struggled to carry around my heavy luggages that once felt easy to lift. The thing is that when you date a guy into fitness and you are somehow into fitness, you talk about your PRs of deadlift, back squats etc. And he knew mine. He knew I could squat heavier than my own weight, he knew how strong I could be. And I was not sure how strong I still was — or could be.

When the 10 minutes on the treadmill ended, I started stretching my hips, quads, ankles and got ready for the hardcore workout: back squat drop set. And if you think it is already hard, imagine having the guy you actually date checking on how you perform the exercise. We build up the weight until 58kg, which was the starting weight of the drop set — which was then dropped until 23kg. It meant quite a few reps and I had never tried this technique before. The first set was PURE MADNESS. I started out too fast, performing maybe too many fast reps at 58kg, then dropping the bar for him to remove the 2.5kg weights. I did not know how my body would react, let alone expected how breathless the set would drive me. So, when I found myself halfway through, completely out of breath, I regretted the moment I accepted to have him train me.

After the first set, I felt like I was done. Completely done. But I had 2 more sets to go. And there was no way I would have given up. Not in general and especially not in front of him. I sat down on the side, drank some water and did my best to find the strength to keep going. The second set was way better. I still managed to increase the reps, but I went a bit slower than the first time, given that I knew how breathless I would get. The third set was PURE PAIN because my legs could not handle much more than that.

The thing was that, just when I thought the worst was over, he told me to start lunges. 3 sets of 12 lunges, with a light bar on my shoulders, so that for a second I thought it was not gonna hurt. BUT my legs were still shaking and my booty not willing to collaborate. So that those 3 sets have been the longest I have done in a long while. And after that, he expected me to do the leg press. It was not my heaviest (AS IF THAT WASN’T CLEAR ALREADY) but one of the hardest (especially since the last rep was to be performed in over 6 seconds — like “no worry, babe, I obviously can hold those insane amounts of kg for 6 seconds on my sore legs”).

After that I happily started stretching, yoging around, praying that my DOMs would not be as severe as I imagined them. BUT then he told me there was one last Tabata before I could lie down on the floor half dead. And that Tabata involved box jumps (I still hate you for those, babe), battle ropes, sit ups, push ups. That really got me. I was 80% done after this. I could have done a few more exercises, but I began to feel sore. An hour or something later, we were back at the house, having lunch (that I cooked), drinking wine and talking about life, dreams, and even the gym. Babe told me he was super proud of how the training went and I relaxed a bit, enough to joke and tell him he would be the one to put up with me the day after, dealing with my DOMs. He told me he would take care of me, no matter how annoying I would get and I smiled.

THE VERDICT? Being trained by your boyfriend is damn intense. He expects a lot and you are nervous to meet the expectations (did I mention the fact he doesn’t train women as he is regarded to be too strict for them?). The day after, as promised, he took care of me, asked me countless times how my DOMs were, suggested me to take a hot bath etc etc, and made everything in his power to ease my sore muscles, including helping me carrying my bags, so that I would not have to walk around with heavy weights on my sore legs. Still, when I woke up and sat on the toilet, still half asleep I cursed him first thing in the morning. Nevertheless, I would be curious to see what it would be like to have him training me for a week or two — because if you think about it, it would be insane to see how you can work on a person when you have access to them on a 360 degree level. I mean, he would see how I respond to training and how I recover on a deeper level than usual client/PT relation. He would be able to see me first thing in the morning, while I climb up the stairs, etc. However, I believe this would affect our relationship in an unpredictable way and I am not sure whether we are ready to put that into question. So yeah, maybe in the future it would be something that we decide to try, but for now I don’t think we will be mixing business and pleasure very often.

Now up your turn — have you ever had this time of experience or something related to mixing business and pleasure? I wanna know all about it!

Have A Safe Journey!

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