Recipe: That Protein Porridge

One of my new year’s resolutions is obviously to eat healthier than the previous year, a goal that starts with something as simple as preparing a hearty, nutritious breakfast to support you from the moment you wake up until lunch time. As you know, when I am on IF, I avoid breakfast and skip straight to lunch, but on the weekends, when I am more flexible second to eggs, my favorite breakfast is a warm, cozy bowl of porridge.

My boyfriend was a bit concerned about my daily protein intake so I tried to increase the quantity and thanks to That Protein I can do it without changing my routine. Here’s how I did this insanely delicious bowl of porridge.

40g oats (I use either GF or normal steel cut).
200ml almond milk (more if needed – any other almond milk will work just fine, I just like almond milk better).
1 scoop Chirpy Chirpy Choca Mocha from That Protein
Maple syrup to taste
Almond butter to garnish
Walnuts or any other nut to top

How to make it:
It is seriously super simple, you just have to put the oats and milk in a pan and let it simmer a couple of minutes until it reaches the desired consistency, then mix in the protein powder and sweeten if you want to. Then you put it in a bowl and make it so pretty because this recipe is instagrammable AF.

Send me your pics if you try it!
Have A Safe Journey!

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