Winter Favorites

Isn’t winter your favorite time of the year as well? I love it — especially when I’m inside with a plaid on, next to a fireplace and with a glass of red wine in my left hand. But also out there on the slopes, skiing and drinking bombardino with my friends.

Anyway, I decided to make a list of the things I love the most about winter — my winter, so that we could compare and maybe you could suggest me some more reasons to love this season.

First place goes doubtlessly to snow. I love it, it makes me happy, I feel like I’m a kid every time it snows — and it snows quite a bit where I live.

Is there anything more comfy than an oversized cashmere jumper hugging your body? I don’t think so. And shall we add to this the even more comfy hug of a cashmere plaid?

Ask anyone — I am very fond of any type of hot drink, from super hot espresso to hot coffee, tea and everything in between. But in winter you also have hot alcoholic drinks like brulé, bombardino, etc. So at literally every occasion, you have a chance to warm yourself up.

I live in touristic towns – both at my parents and my university town – so Christmas is very much felt in the form of renowned Xmas markets that are magic to me. I love them, the atmosphere they give to a town and how everyone is happy in them.

I have to be honest about this last point. I like crispy air but I do not endure it for long. Still, I find it so nice to walk out of the door and feel that crispy, snowy air filling my lungs and making sure I am fully woken up by the time I reach my destination. Still, I cannot stand being cold and I normally over-coat myself.

What are your winter favourites?

Have A Safe Journey!

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