10 Facts about Me

You know that one of my new year’s resolutions is to write a post every working day of the week – at least – right? So I thought that despite having published almost 1000 posts, I never really shared a list of 10 facts about me… therefore, there you go!

  1. I speak 5 languages and planning to learn 2-3 more. Currently, I speak Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and German.
  2. I very rarely eat actual Italian food. It is very weird to admit, but despite loving Italian food, being 100% Italian, I cannot cook much Italian food and I am super fond of ethnic food, ranging from Indian to Moroccan and everything I can try.
  3. My all-time favorite gym exercise is back-squatting heavily. I absolutely love the feel of the bar over my shoulders and how powerful I feel when I can squat heavier than before.
  4. My least favorite gym exercises are burpees and box-jumps and I believe anyone who puts box-burpees into a WOD should go straight to hell.
  5. I tend to get obsessed with a piece of clothes for a couple of weeks, let it become my favorite outfit and then forget completely about its existence.
  6. I hate driving at night and love being in the car at night. I’m quite short, so other cars’ lights tend to blind me at every turn, so I hate it. BUT I also love talking in the car, especially at night, not to mention my unconditional love for road trips.
  7. I own countless Nike shoes and I keep on buying them. I tried other brands but the only one that I really find myself comfortable in are Nikes. I run in Vomeros and train in Metcon.
  8. I am very good at choosing restaurants. This is something that often surprises people, but I usually choose great places just from TripAdvisor reviews and photos and I found incredible spots even in remote suburbs.
  9. My favorite movie is “Viaggio Sola”, a small, independent Italian movie not translated about a woman’s desire to travel the world, live an unconventional life as hotel inspector, instead of just settling down and doing what everyone does.
  10. I love booking trips and I’m so good at finding cheap deals. Just ask my best friend — I got some 4.99€ return plane tickets and recently got a 5 stars hotel room for nothing. Next time you want to book a holiday, hit me up!

Have A Safe Journey!

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