Welcome 2019

New year, new life? I don’t know honestly. I tend to get the hype of new year’s resolutions, writing down endless bucket lists that I sometimes manage to complete, sometimes not.

This year I decided to focus on smaller things, to focus on smaller steps, instead of the big picture only. It’s going to be a big year, just like always I am very excited but also a bit scared. I know that a lot is going to change and that we need to embrace change, but I also believe it is okay to be afraid, not too much of course.

I would love to do the usual bucket list share, telling you every single goal and dream I wrote down, but the truth is this year I am not up for it. I know which areas I want to focus on, my academic and professional life, my health and fitness levels, my personal sphere. And I also know that sharing this is saying everything and nothing. BUT I know the small steps towards progress and improvement that I need to take.

I put down everything on 3 papers, one for each sphere. I will probably toss them, change them, scratch them and they will become nothing more than broken notes by the end of the year, but they feel mine.

You know what they say…

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Have A Safe Journey!


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