Day 1 – about that Back Squat

For most of the people I know, this is day 365. This is the end. But for me, this is the beginning. Last Saturday, I did my back squat PR, nailing a 90kg rep and failing a 93kg. This is my start. This is what I am going to work on for the new year and, since the year is going to start on a Tuesday and not on a Monday, and I’m no good at keeping any resolution started on a very typical day, I chose to start today.

For the next weeks I’m gonna work my ass off to improve my back squat PR to 100kg. This is my first goal. I know that after that there are going to be tons and I’m fine with it. But as I said to my boyfriend last night I really want to improve in Crossfit in 2019, not because of any competition but because I saw my potential. I saw it when the coach told me if only you trained more regularly. So here I am. Ready. Thrilled even. Grinding already.

I’m gonna try again my PR on Saturday 19, after 3 weeks in which I commit to going to Crossfit 5 times a week, training strength 2/3 times after the WOD and keeping up the promise to my body that every Saturday after playing around the box for an hour or so, I’m gonna be stretching and yoging around.

Let’s be honest. I could have chosen any other goal and maybe it would have made more sense. Like, what is it gonna change to have a 100kg back squat when you cannot even do 1 single pull up? But that is my choice. I have always been told I have an excellent squatting technique, something I hope to improve even further for the next 3 weeks, going back to the basics, such as wall air squat etc; and I want to make good use of that. Then the pull-ups, the TTB and all the rest are gonna come, step by step. I promised to myself I will invest in a sport that makes me feel powerful, strong, brave and, above all, HAPPY. Crossfit is all of these things and many more to me. It made me meet incredible, humble, determined people. It drove me and my boyfriend together on so many levels I can barely count them. It put myself back together when I was falling apart. Also, it created bonds I would never imagine. Therefore, this is the LEAST I could do.

So, as my instagram bio says, I’m currently looking for my back squat PR at the end of a glass of gin tonic (Just kidding, I’m giving up alcohol until Jan 25).

Are you ready to follow the journey? Or maybe even tag along?

Have A Safe Journey!


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