Sea VS Mountains

Have you ever had to answer the question sea or mountains? I tried many many times, without any success at taking a final decision. Because the truth is that I like them both, in different ways.

I love living in the mountains, and I feel at home any time I climb one up. I grew up surrounded by the mountains, so every time I move somewhere in the world, I make sure to check places where I can go hiking, like the Sintra Mountains quite close to Lisbon, or Whistler in Canada. For me, the mountains are an indispensable component of my life. I love waking up to them, I love opening the window and seeing them, in all their beauty, at sunrise. I love watching the sun setting behind their peaks. And I absolutely love everything related to them, from hiking to skiing, and even climbing.

But then there is the sea. Or, my favorite, the ocean. Don’t get me wrong, I am a Mediterranean woman, I might have grown up in the mountains, but I have southern roots from a small city near Naples, plus my family was very fond of the Cote-d’Azur as well as Sicily. So I pretty much know how amazing the places I get to live and visit are, but still, nothing, in my opinion, can be compared to the Ocean. From the Southern Point of Portugal, near Sagres, to the silent waves of Tofino, British Columbia, there is some magic in the Ocean. Something powerful that I don’t really know how to explain. 

So every time I get asked the infamous question, sea or mountains, I tend to say mountains immediately, and then say out loud but the ocean. Because there is so much beauty in this world that I believe one would need an entire life just to explore it, to live it, to be amazed by it.

Now it’s your turn… Sea or land?

Have A Safe Journey!

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