Back to IF!

After the forced interruption of IF, I struggled to get back into it. The thought of not having breakfast was a bit too much to bear, so I decided to ignore the fact that it would have been way better for me to do IF, and proceeded with my life. But recently my eating habits have been very poor, just like my gym habits and I knew I needed to get back into some sort of healthy lifestyle.

So I restarted IF as a first step. Yes, I did it on a Wednesday, which is stupid because everyone always starts this kind of things on a Monday or Sunday morning, right? Well, what can I say, that’s me. I’m tired of waiting for one Monday after another to change my life. 

So I got back into the habit on a Wednesday. I don’t think it is a crime. But, since I know the holidays are going to be a tough time to stick to my health and prioritize it as much as I should, I decided to do some small yet relevant changes.

First, instead of black coffee in the morning, which normally ended up making me feel sick, I will try to get some powdered greens in. Second, instead of mindlessly snacking between meals (in the feeding window), I will fix myself a protein shake, or a protein smoothie. Third, I will try to drink one more liter of water.

Yes, I know, these changes might seem mindlessly thought but I think they will add up in the long run. Yes, I find the taste of powdered greens disgusting, but I need some extra greens in my life — and I don’t have time for getting sick right now. Yes, I need to hit the gym like I used to. But I will. I will, step by step. Pressure doesn’t lead anywhere.

Have A Safe Journey!

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