IF: Change of Plans (#2)

Last week I planned to fast like the previous one, except that I scheduled to stick to the 16:8 until Saturday at 13:00, then to restart fasting on Sunday night at 9pm. I had read a lot of articles online saying that fasting has incredible benefits, but also that it was necessary to give the body a proper day off so that it will be able to benefit more during the week.

But then things got messed. I had my period. (I’m sorry for being explicit on the internet, I know that it is still a taboo to say this word). I read even more articles that absolutely encouraged NOT to fast on your period, and my Muslim friend told me she did not respect the Ramadan last year on those days. Given that it was not my long-held habit to fast, I decided to listen to my gut and stop for those five days. After all, on Sunday at 9pm we would be back on track and life would get back to normal. 

Overall feel

It’s stupid to say, but I really missed breakfast — and also late night dinner at 10:30ish pm. It’s unhealthy, I totally agree with that, but it is so good to be able to go to the gym at 9pm and still have time to have dinner later. Also, I found a decadent mug cake recipe which is probably my favorite breakfast so far (and it’s healthyish given that it has no refined sugar, no butter, no flour, no coconut oil etc). But let’s get back to life.

I felt more bloated, more tired and generally less attentive than when fasting, which are the main reasons why I am restarting it ASAP. However, I have to say that, since I am becoming more precise about my nutrition, I have been less bloated than expected.

Specific Feels

I had to readjust. The first day was the worst. I had gotten used to have a certain amount of calories on myfitnesspal, so let’s say that lunch was 600kcal, that was still considered okay because lunch was at 2, I might get some 200kcal of snacks and then dinner. And that was it. I had a lot of margin on the number of calories I could eat at any given meal. The first morning I had breakfast it was about 400kcal and I freaked out a bit. While, with IF, I felt more relaxed about the calories. This is one of the reasons why I like IF. It makes me stay on track without making the process become an obsession.


For all of the above, I am going back into IF. I really noticed that it makes me happier and more secure in every aspect of my life. It might be hard sometimes, and of course, porridge missing is not a pro, but I like to look at the big picture, therefore, I am going to try again. Will post an update sometime next week!

Stay tuned for more and more posts coming to you this week!

Have A Safe Journey!

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