20.000 Steps a Day

I lead a quite active lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fitness fanatic, far from it, yet I kinda enjoy working out, walking instead of taking transports… let’s simply say lead a moderately healthy lifestyle. On a normal day, I hit the 10.000 steps with no doubts, I walk 8.000 to university, so it is pretty easy to fill the 2.000 left with a stop at the supermarket, or maybe going to crossfit, or yoga, or somewhere with friends. But everyone was hitting their 10.000 steps goals, even people not walking to work or university, they still managed to fit their 10.000 steps into the work day. This, plus the fact that university here in Portugal is over (just like walking to university), ended up with me trying to hit the 20.000 steps a day.

Okay, I was really scared. I imagined myself having to spend hours on a treadmill in order to fit the steps in. And I did. The very third night, when it was 9 pm and I had walked just over 5.000 steps. “It’s gonna be just what, 8 km?” I told myself, knowing it was going to be more. 70 minutes later I was done with my first long run (11.5 km) in over three months, feeling like nothing had changed. Feeling like running again. And even the day after, I ended up running 10 km, since I had some steps left to do.

Yet, by the end of the week, I hit the 17.000 steps without even noticing so I normally ended up walking back home instead of taking the last tube, or maybe taking a longer way home from the place I was, walking to the restaurants to meet friends instead of calling an uber… that kind of things. And I didn’t need to run. Or, it was a matter of 20 minutes.

And I wasn’t super hungry… Like, have you ever done a crossfit lesson at lunch time? Once the feeling of almost throwing up goes away, you would eat the table if it were possible. Same for a though long run. But, walking is different. Okay, I put some running in, but it was moderate, it focused on the steps rather than the pace. And it was mind clearing. It was energetic and empowering.

It felt like being back to being myself. I’m gonna try to keep this habit this week as well, plus maybe adding up another one… Will keep you posted…

Have A Safe Journey!


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