And we are off to… Vienna!

Last year, I remember these days as if it were yesterday, I was sitting in my bedroom in Trento, looking outside the windows, dreaming of long journeys, dreaming of living the dream. I was tired, had gone almost sleepless for many many nights, I was injured and everything, almost burned out and there it happened: my trip to Vienna. It was a life saving trip, I was so excited: my first diplomatic simulation. And even if, one year later, thanks to my university and some private associations, I’ve had the possibility to do simulations in so many cities, from Vienna, to Rome, then in Montreal, then again in Sofia, then Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the MEU Vienna will forever hold a very special place in my hear because that was my first, that was the place were everything started.

Plus, this year we get a bonus point of seeing my beloved Bea after 5 weeks, Valentina after months and everyone I know who applied. It will be remembered. I know that it’s weird, wanting to traveling even when you are living abroad at the moment, but guys: this is the Model European Union Vienna. It’s the best experience you can make in terms of MEU.

So looking forward to see you all. Have A Safe Journey!


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