February: Change of Plans

Do you remember when I said I wanna try intermittent fasting and go pescatarian 5 days a week? I changed my mind. I’m sorry, but I’m fed up with short term resolutions.

Once I came back from Italy, I decided to stick to some healthy routine, adding them up to my usual life, one by one. Firstly, I added up quite a lot glasses of water to my daily intake (something that resulted in me desperately looking for a toilet in Saldanha mall because well, 8 glasses of water were a bit to much for a starter).

Then, I figured out it was okay to have something sweet everyday, but it depended on what. Let me be more specific. One day I wanted cookies. So I baked 3 of them, just 3, healthy, high protein, vegan and sugar free. Of course, they were nothing compared to my grandma’s cookies (OH GOSH, those cookies), but well… they are not even half the calories.

Thirdly, do you remember all that intermittent fasting thing? I’m fed up with it. I’m getting hungry late at night and early morning, I can go on for hours without eating if i have had my breakfast bowl (either porridge, açaí bowl or eggs), but I need to have my breakfast bowl first. And also, after lunch, I don’t mind going a few hours without any food, but around 5 I know I crave something sweet. What do I tried to do? I used a lean shake, which was chocolate brownie flavor, all natural, all vegan, no added sugar and it worked… saved me from binging on chocolatey things 90% of the times last week. Also, instead of fruit after a meal (except for breakfast), I tend to have half a cup of unsweetened soy or coconut yoghurt, that has protein and keeps me fueled longer.

Obviously, I’m not trying to advocate what’s best for everyone and not even what’s  best for me, since I am still discovering it and what might work today, could not work tomorrow. So yes, I’m making a list, of the good habits. I’m also making a list of the bad moments. I’m just trying to record this, in order to have a feedback when trying to become the healthiest version of myself.

Have A Safe Journey!


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