Why I’m No Longer Sharing Food Pics on My Instagram Feed

It’s no secret that I love food. Not in the sense that I love the greasy, fat and unhealthy food, but in the sense that I truly believe in the power of food to heal, recover, live a healthy, active, incredible life. (YES, I’m turning into one of those zen people). Okay, it’s my weird way to admit I love broccoli more than other unhealthy foods (such as vanilla cake… I mean, where’s the chocolate people? I have no mean to cheat on my diet for some vanilla c’mon).

Anyway, a friend of mine yesterday made me notice I haven’t shared a post about my food (except some 24h lasting only on my IG stories) in ages, and deleted the old ones. Well, when I did it (back in May, going through a social media crisis), I actually didn’t think about my reason for deleting those pics in particular (among others). But then, I figured it out.

At the moment, I am at my healthiest. It doesn’t mean I am at my lowest weight, nor that my level stress are at their lowest (far from it!), but I am way healthier that I was last year by this time. I eat whole foods, nutrient rich foods, which sustain my training and my everyday life. Of course, I share my thoughts about healthy eating, I said it has affected my training in a very positive way, but I stopped sharing my meals and my exact workouts (except for the km I run). My friends know I’m constantly battling between I want to eat healthy and I prepare my meals when I’m full to make sure the portions are okay and Oh my god, how can I be so hungry? Not even a pregnant woman is as hungry as I am (cardio effects, sorry), and probably this is why I am not sharing any food at the moment. Because I don’t feel comfortable at doing it. Because I try to fill up on veggies as much as I can in order to stay full (can we eat veggies for breakfast?).

What I mean is that I am experimenting with my nutrition. This time last year I would have probably believed that since I was going biking to university, I could eat out for lunch almost everyday. In January I was living on veggies only. In March I thought that going for a big, nutritious breakfast would allow me to skip lunch. In April I was at my lowest, bloated AF and incredibly stressed about my body. In May, thanks to asparagus, everything seemed to be back to normal, so did June. Then July was pretty good, so was August, September was a mess and now October is going great. What I wanted to sat is that I am not the most qualified person. I try to stick to what works for me…

For instance, with my nutritionist we agreed that if I want to eat porridge in the morning, I need to workout within two hours from breakfast. I love porridge on cold morning like these days, which means I need to do some cardio. I ended up going running or biking or to the gym almost everyday. That’s because I love porridge. Of course, if i am not working out, then I’m not getting my porridge, but some cold, not so tasty, plain soy yoghurt.

Honestly, I don’t know how many calories I’m eating. I try to keep my nutrition on point, but I know I can have slip-offs and stuff like this. Of course, I always think whether I should or shouldn’t share my food pics (because seriously, I’m learning how to cook and how to take great food pics and okay, in other words I take a pic of everything I eat), but the thing is that I am not sure about the reaction. I’m one of those people that eat healthy 90% of the time, but when there’s an incredibly bad day heads for a run or, and this happens rarely but happens, goes straight to the supermarket and buys a packet of Gocciole, an Italian brand of biscuits.

I love food. I believe you can show the deepest love through caring and preparing food for the one(s) you love. And you should show through food also love for yourself. But for now, this remains private. Maybe, I will share a couple of recipes on the blog next week (who knows!) and I am more than happy if you want to talk about “my” point of you on nutrition, but we can do that over a cup of coffee, not over the instagram.

Food is a very controversial topic. Most of the women I know are or have been affected by an eating disorder. I used this post to share my thoughts about sharing food pics on the social media for the solely purpose of sharing my personal opinion. If you are undergoing through recovery or any kind of phase in your life in which sharing food pics makes you stick to a healthier lifestyle, then DO IT, KEEP ON DOING IT, START DOING IT.

Have A Safe Journey!


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