How Eating Healthy Changed My Running Pace

I don’t want to put it all under the label “having eaten better”, but if there is a thing I did really seriously for the last 10 days before the nutritionist’s appointment, it was healthy eating. Like a crazy health freak. Of course, there have been quite a few good nights of sleep, a couple of runs and everything in between. But seriously, I had been eating like a pro for 10 days straight.

This is when I really noticed it. Paces I had never been able to keep up for more than 5 minutes suddenly become easy. Okay, not easy peasy recovery run pace, but easy. I told myself: it might just be the adrenaline of the race, you know. Some people told me it happens, even though it had never happened to me before, it doesn’t mean it will never happen. Maybe it was just that.

But then I went out running on my own, trying to figure that out… And obviously there had been a cheat meal in between (Oh, c’mon, don’t look at me with that disappointed face, we all need a cheat meal after 10 days straight of absolutely nothing but healthy food), but overall I was still on the health freak side… and again, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a speed run to be done, alternating my best KM pace and my best 5Km pace, and it was bloody incredible. I could go so easily, I could have kept the pace for way longer than planned.

I decided to see, without looking at the garmin on my wrist, whether even my recovery pace had changed. I run a km, feeling relaxed and joyful, also because the intervals had just been finished. I checked the pace only when I was under my doorstep. And that was it: 35 seconds faster than my usual recovery pace. Like SERIOUSLY, Camilla?

Well, the options are two: either i had been running on a way too comfort pace for too long and it’s now time to change that, or healthy eating really makes the difference. In any case, I will keep the new healthy routine going (did I mention the fact I had a quinoa, veggies and eggs salad for lunch today? With, okay, I admit it, a spoon of tahini sauce) and I will work harder.

For the first time in my life, I have a time in my mind. For the first time in my life, I am ready to commit in order to reach it. But still, I will never stop considering every possible long run as a runtrip.

Have A Safe Run!



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