In a Mosque

*Miei cari lettori italiani, caricherò una traduzione di questo post nei prossimi giorni, ma ho condiviso questa giornata con persone da tutto il mondo e vorrei che avessero la possibilità di leggere il testo originale.

My family is catholic, I grew up being taught the catholic religion and, even though I don’t consider myself catholic at the moment, I am pretty prepared when it comes to explaining some catholic facts and churches things. However, I had been in two synagogues, some orthodox churches and a couple of Protestant churches. Never in a mosque.

When in Sofia, the occasion arrived and I was incredibly lucky to enter the mosque with some friends, among which Lina, who is Muslim. We took out our shoes and we wore some kind of jacket with a hoodie in order to enter. There were red carpets on the floor and that I guess made me feel at ease from the very beginning.

The inside has amazing decors on the walls and it was so clean. Don’t get me wrong, but not even the Catholic Churches are that clean. Lina explained us the decors were words from the Cohran and they were in different handwriting styles.

When we were upstairs she explained us some other traditions. Women are not allowed to go to the mosque or touch the Cohran when they have their period, but not because they consider women dirty, but they consider the blood actually dirty. She explained that before praying they need to wash their hands and face five times. I was pleasantly surprised. It means they really consider the praying time so important. And it’s something I think must be done more often (I’m pretty annoyed by people going to church with tank tops and shorts sorry but it’s NOT RESPECTFUL).

But what really got me, is the fact I felt welcomed all the time. I mean, if you have by any chance been to a Catholic Church, mostly the gothic ones, I bet you have felt intimidated at a certain point. And I get it, it was another time and the church had to give a certain image, but was welcoming people not enough? Wasn’t making them feel at ease not enough? Wasn’t faith enough to drag people to church? I guess not and that approach is something I have never liked.

Saying that, I am not willing to complain further, it was just a reminder to the fact we shouldn’t believe all the things we hear. Most of us would never feel believe they could feel welcomed in a mosque. Most of us have prejudices to Muslim people because of the terrorist attacks.

Honestly? I had never felt so welcomed in a church as I felt in a mosque. Honestly? I got the chance to meet quite a few Muslim people in my life and they are among the people I admire and respect the most. So please people, stop criticizing Muslim religion once for all. So I really don’t get what is wrong with our society.

I’m writing it in bold, I have never felt so welcomed in a religious place as I did in Sofia’s Mosque.

Have A Safe Journey!


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