The List: 10 Books I’m Buying and Reading This Year

There are so many amazing books all over the libraries and bookshops. I love reading and the smell of fresh books is one of my favorites. However, when it comes to e-book reader, I cannot stand them. Therefore, buying a book is always a decision to take into consideration seriously.

Here’s the list of books I will buy and read by the end of the year.

  1. Origin, Dan Brown – I love Dan Brown and have literally devoured Da Vinci’s Code in like 24 hours. So, yeah, the very last book coming out in October is on the list.
  2. You are a badass at making money, Jen Sincero – Hey, I’m about to move abroad, I need some extra ding in my wallet.
  3. Ballerina Body, Misty Coopeland – Because ballet.
  4. Get your sh*t together, Sarah Knight – To avoid that extra time loss I cannot afford at the moment.
  5. Thrive, Arianna Huffington – She’s one of my favorite authors, so I’m sure this book is going to be epic.
  6. Finding My Shine, Nastia Liukin – One of the greatest gymnasts and strongest women ever.
  7. The Detox Kitchen Bible – Because, you know, London.
  8. Milk and honey, Rupi Kaur
  9. Relentless, Tim Grover
  10. Mind Gym, Gary Mack, David Casstevens

This is my list… Which books are you reading/advising?

Have A Safe Journey!




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