BirthdayWeek: Let the Fun Begin

By the time you will read this post, I will be flying somewhere over Europe. My father would have returned home after I have made him wake up at 4am in order to drive me to the airport by 5:30. I will probably be sleeping or daydreaming, ready to kick off one of my favorite weeks of the year: my birthday week.

After my 18th birthday, I haven’t been at home on my birthday. I’d rather spend my birthday (or if possible my birthday week) somewhere I love, with some of my closest friends and, this year, my dear someone. Where am I going? To the city I happen to love the most, to the city of found dreams, to the city where I feel myself at most. Any guesses yet? I’m going to London, again. (Can you hear my dad whispering is there a limit to the times you go to London in one year? and the answer is no, there is not).

Still, this time is special. I’m staying at Martina’s, one of my closest friends and she collected a lot of buddy credits at all the gyms she knows to make sure I stay on track while abroad. I’m gonna party at my very favorite restaurant in London, the SushiSamba and I really really cross my fingers and hope Beatrice will surprise me and be in London on the 22nd.

Is there more to say? Sure! Are you in London 20-26th? Let’s hang out! I would love to get to know you better, maybe we can share a run or a smoothie, you choose. There are no Nike events (unfortunately), but I’m sure we can hang out anyway. Plus, we can all go to REP Runners (free advertisement Saheed, Katie and all the REPs) or TapCoffee (free advertisement again LOL). Anyway, be sure to reach out for me, I would love to meet you!

Have A Safe Journey!


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