London: 36 Hours in the City


You all know my HUGE LOVE for London. It’s the place where I feel at home the most, maybe due to the fact I found some of my truest friend (and a certain someone who I really hope to mention next time as something other than someone – you know I’m talking about you), maybe due to the feel of freedom every time I go there.

Anyway, when last week my cousin asked me whether I could go to London with her (she’s about to move to London) I didn’t wait a second to say YES I’M COMING WITH YA. The only problem? We had less than 36 hours, from 8AM Tuesday to 8PM Wednesday, plus time to go from the London City Airport to the city centre and back.

My cousin hadn’t been to London since we were little so I had to find all the things and places I really wanted her to see. So we went straight to Oxford Circus for a quick shopping tour and then we headed to High Street Kensington for lunch, at Whole Foods (it might not be the chic place everyone is looking for in London but it’s worth a stop), since my cousin appointments were there and in Cromwell’s Road. We stopped by at my absolute favorite stay in London, the Hotel Xenia for coffee and then she headed to her appointments and I headed to the closest WaterStones to get myself a book and something for my Hau.

We met again later on and did aperitivo (very Italian of us) at the Hotel Xenia before going a little outside the city near Stratford. We met Martina for dinner in Oxford Circus and walked to Steak & Co in Leicester Square, where we had delicious steaks and amazing drinks.

Martina was so kind to host us for the night and she lives pretty close to the city centre, so it was perfect. The day after we had breakfast at Whole Foods because I really wanted an Acai Bowl and you know, Whole Foods is best for that, and then saw Emma’s new home. Since we were already in Kensington, we stopped by at Equinox to say hi to my dear friend Becs and then went to Covent Garden for lunch at 26 Grains.

Now the best part… Martina’s mum had a friend coming over to London who brought something for Martina and she was near the Tate Modern. We went with her and it was pretty quick. While walking back to the tube station at Saint Paul’s, I hear someone calling my name. It’s the someone I was talking about at the beginning. He’s wearing a light blue shirt and the perfect business man’s clothes. He says hi and very poetically says: “I’ve been waiting all day for you to walk down this road”. I literally melted from there on. It was quick, I wasn’t all ready and perfectly made up since I had been sleeping 3 hours per night in the previous days and we had already been walking more than 18k, but still, it was so worth it, finding him just by chance.

After that, we sadly had to go south heading to the airport. He and I said bye with the promise to see each other in less than a month and maybe sometime around September/October. We finally get that ice cream at Yorica and then we leave from Martina’s place.

As we see the outer circles of the city passing by from the train window, i remember why I love this city so much. I remember how much it gave me. I remember why it is so hard to leave and why I am always looking forward to go again. London is freedom. London is home. London is London. And as Samuel Johnson said, when a (wo)man is tired of London, (s)he’s tired of life, for there is nothing in London that life can afford. See you soon, my beloved London!

Have A Safe Journey!

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    1. Camilla says:

      Grazie del repost!


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