Metanoia by Michael Cheever

I met Michael last summer, while watching the sun rising on the beautiful island of Cavallo, in south Corsica. He was one of those people I normally label under the good vibes only, he really had a positive vibe. But after that, we didn’t stay in touch or anything. Until he was about to set off for his journey to Asia.

Michael is a lifestyle influencer, US raised with Italian roots, currently traveling around Asia. His stops until now have been: Japan, Taiwan, Singapore.

First of all, can you explain us what is metanoia for you and why you chose this name to represent your “influence”?  Metanoia for me stands for evolution. The dictionary definition of Metanoia might not necessarily be exactly how i view it; but understanding one’s mistakes is the only way to confront them and subsequently fix them. Metanoia Influence is simply trying to guide people to new roads and approaches that might give better results.

You are traveling all the time. How do you manage to fit a healthy lifestyle with a busy travel schedule? And by that I mean, how do you resist to all the #foodie temptations? To be honest i just get up every morning and start my day with physical activity wherever i am. Running is my passion, but i have learned how to include bodyweight workouts so that on those days where i might not have 1+ hours for training i can still fit in a workout to help me feel good. As for food, I always find a local store with fresh produce and healthy snacks, so that most of my caloric intake is positive; but i still allow myself a cheat meal here and there, preferably post runs/workouts.

About the training, how can you run with jet-lagged legs? Mind over matter. The first 10 minutes are really hard, but once i get into the flow of the run and set a rhythm I forget about my “jet-lagged” legs.  Also the right kind of music really helps me, although for race preparation this is not ideal.

And then, you run about 20km per day, which is a pretty high impact, what’s your recovery secret? Breathing exercises, 2 or 3 ripe bananas a day, a healthy diet,  4L of water per diem, morning stretching, post run stretching, pre run activation drills, bodyweight training and good rest. This is all i do.

How long have you been running for? I have been running seriously since the age of 17. I have always been a solo runner though. Running for me was an escape, a sensation of freedom from everything around me. It was never about winning or competing but about finding peace of mind.

Every runner has a little ritual they do before setting off… do you have one? Do you stretch before running, after 10-15 minutes or after the run?  I don’t really have a ritual per say, i just listen to my body and see what muscles need more warming up and do some drills to target those muscles groups. Warm-upnormally consist of leg swings, side leg swings, Karaokes, Arm circles, Jump-rope, Burpees, squats, push-ups and side shuffles.

What is the main purpose behind this journey?  My purpose more is to inspire others to becoming the best version of themselves, while following the same path myself. Finding balance in life is the ultimate key to living a serene life.


Let’s wish Michael the very safest journey on his trip through Asia!

Have A Safe Journey!

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