A Day in My Life (Summer Edition)

Yesterday I received an email from a girl named Samantha (hello there if you are reading!). After reading my blogpost about the two bags strategy, she asked me what was my day like and if I could share it on the blog. So here I am, figuring out whether it’s a good idea.

Anyway, my wake up call is usually between 6:30-7AM, and I’m at the bar for breakfast at 7:30 (at last, normally 7:15). I have breakfast and as soon as coffee is running down my veins, I write a blog post. Normally I stick to the blog till 8:30 and then I start studying. I study from 8:30 till 12:30, normally with a break around 10:30-11.

After that, during week days, I tend to hit the pool, while on Sunday I just hang out with the family for lunch, or better, for brunch (a family that brunches together, sticks together). At 2PM I try to go back to the books, at least until 6:30PM. After that I either go running, to the gym or I sometimes take up works.

After dinner, depending on how near the exams are, I either keep on studying, meet some friends, stay at the bar till very late in the night talking to Simone, or binge on Netflix. I’m not the huge party girl, my ideal evening would be very hyggish: a chalet, lost in the mountains, with my closest friends, drinking champagne by the campfire, or inside next to the chimney while outside is either raining or snowing.

So yeah, I tend to have a tight schedule but I love it, and I wouldn’t change a single thing about this.

Have A Safe Journey!


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