The Worst Fitness Advice I’ve Ever Received

“You’re just a beginner, not an athlete, you don’t need anything but to hit the treadmill or the road with what you already have”. This is definitely the worst fitness advice I’ve ever received. Because you know, even if I truly had just taken up running, I needed stuff.

I didn’t listen to that and fortunately my father, who back then was a runner, provided me with a couple of running kits, a good pair of shoes and some help. But this is something we always here: You are a beginner, you don’t need anything. But that is so wrong. We should start getting something right because we are beginners. Our muscles, our feet, our bones are beginning to adapt to running so we need to support them or we will injure ourselves.

“You are not an athlete, you don’t need a trainer”. This is another comment I received. That might be half true. I mean, we are all able to download a running schedule from the internet and no one will blame us for that. Still, I do believe having someone who gets to know you (on the sporty/physical side I mean) truly makes the difference. Let me explain: I injured (nothing serious) a couple of days ago, but still I am on the marathon training. Having no one to guide me, I would have started to freak out about the time waste, but having a coach who called me and told me “Never a joy, Camilla! Put some ice on it 3 times a day and we will be back on track very soon” helped me stay calm and focused on the bigger goal.

“You are not an athlete, you don’t need a nutritionist“. Still, I believe this is so wrong. I ended up believe it too back in the past, but I do believe if there is a major degree in that, there’s a reason. We are what we eat (shall I eat Eliud Kipchoge then?).

This is why I believe limiting the help or the support just because we are beginners doesn’t help. I mean, I started to take up swimming as a way to get a little close to a person who can’t walk nor run at the moment, and after a couple of days at the local swimming pool, I was struggling with my breaststroke so I asked one instructor for help. That was the best decision done on the swimming side of my life, because it really made the difference.

Bill Bowerman was right guys: If you have a body you are an athlete, so start treating yourself like one.

Have A Safe Journey!

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