Nutrition: Accept Cheat Day

I started a new diet. It was designed by a nutritionist for me, so please avoid the part about is it balanced? You sure? Because, yes, it is and I am sure. I started pretty well and I felt okay from the very beginning.

Then, after my very first free meal, I ended up feeling bad. And the day after, I wanted something else sweet. I avoided that, and so I did the following days. Till one day I ended up eating way more nuts than recommended, I ate focaccia (and normally I don’t eat pasta nor bread) that made me feel so bloated and bad the entire evening.

So, instead of quitting as I would have, I accepted it was a slip off day, and I just needed to end the day with a green tea, prepare better the snacks for the following day (in order to avoid to eat more nuts than needed), trash the temptations and reset my mind, body, spirit.

That’s because we are not instagram stars (like my dog) and we have a bad day when we eat whatever we have around without measure. It doesn’t make us quitter, it makes us humans. I accepted it. I took the day as it came, finished off with some proteins and a great tea, to make sure my body would feel good anyway and ready to kick the following day.

Am I proud of having binged for no reason? Nope, definitely not. Am I regretting it? Yes, but I can live it up to it. And I will.

Have A Safe Journey!



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