Reality Talk: How To Survive a Busy Life

So my life is busy, just like everyone else’s, I guess. Those who know me, those who are close to me, see how busy I can get. Up to not looking at WhatsApp for longer than 48 hours on peak days. Still, I manage to figure out as much as I can. How? By planning it.

I study. I work out 5 to 7 days a week, sometimes even twice a day. I work as a blogger having myself as a chief and I am a blogger for other websites. I travel. I have friends and a social life. Oh, and I also make sure to sleep 7 hours per night. How do I survive? I use the two bags strategy.

I have one huge gym bag, which actually contains itself two bags. It contains a permanent kit (which includes swimming cap, swimming glasses, minerals, BCAA, Garmin, running shoes, a pair of flip flops, EarPods, contact lenses, sunglasses, soap, a lock, wax straps – you never know when you need one LOL) and a temporary kit, (one pictured one in the apple bag)(which contains – in separate bags – a running outfit, a swimming outfit, a gym outfit and a biking outfit – not pictured – compression socks, a towel, depending on what I have in mind). I normally lay down three or four temporary kits to be sure I don’t have to remember whether I have taken everything or not for my training routine, and at the end of the day I just have to throw the entire bag into the washing machine, while the permanent kit is always ready for another day.

Then I have a work/study bag. It contains whatever needed for my everyday life: laptop, chargers, USB drives, books, notebooks, pens, wallet, keys, nuts (always needed for a healthy snack!), my agenda, my @beats, phone, a bottle of water and normally a medium fruit.

If I am around by car, there is always a fully layered gym bag in the back (together with a trail running kit LMAO) and normally a smaller car kit that I can keep next to me. Yes, I am for the bag inside the bag strategy, meaning everything has its defined place.

Does it works? For me it does, since I don’t have to think twice whether working out or not. For me it does, since I have a tight schedule and having everything on hand makes it easier to get through the day. But hey, it doesn’t make miracles. I mean, we still end up at the end of the day tired as hell, but incredibly joyful to tick everything out of the to-do list

How do you survive through a busy life? I shared by best tricks, now you go for yours, deal?

Have A Safe Journey!

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