The Path Dependence

Whist studying for an exam, this concept came in… the path dependence. Accordingly to Robert Dahl, the strength and the capability of a democracy to survive time, inside battles and so on, are determined by the path that has led the regimen to become a democracy.

In life, or so I began to think, the path dependence are the steps we take, the people we meet, the breakdowns we face, the goals we reach, the places we see. As if our life was an endless road trip, one of those you end up tired, with a folded map in your hands, trying not to close your eyes, because that is so cool that you don’t wanna miss it, but then you have to miss something before or later. Whether it’s a birthday cause you are so far away, whether it’s them missing yours.

It happens. Sometimes we miss stuff. We forget stuff. We miss people. We miss them so bad to start forgetting them. We also miss goals. But we have such a huge list in our pockets that another one will came up. We miss places. We get lost in the middle of nowhere, trying to figure out which direction we should take, which path we should follow. But the truth is ours.

We can’t take someone else’s path, pretending to be just like them, because we are not. There is a big difference between inspiration and imitation. Because our path dependence is influenced also by the people we try to follow, reach, become friends with. Each and every single one of them has an impact on our life, whether as a companion, friend, or role model or whatever. Still, we have to draw, in the street, on a lost trail, with every possible crayon our own path.

And then be sure, our path dependence is worth the effort.

Have A Safe Journey!



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