Sleeping on a Night Train Going East

Item #162 of my bucket list for 2017, was to sleep on a night train going east, preferably the Orient Express, but any would work to tick it.

It seems a lifetime ago, but last February, when I was actually a bit more tired than now, a bit more scared a little less wiser than now, I was ready to embark on my very first journey on the night train to Vienna, for my very first diplomatic simulation. I was excited, I could feel the euphoria and the adrenaline running down my veins. It was pure happiness. The happiness to embark on a new journey, to write down my thoughts somewhere between the Brenner and Austria. It was pure joy.

Even though, the night train to Vienna is not as comfortable as the orient express, and I’ll forever remember it as one of my most awful nights of sleep, one of the longest journeys ever, so that yeah, probably it wasn’t exactly like I was expecting it. Still, it was my first journey on a night train and I loved every minutes of it.

Now, onto the next goal to tick!

What’s on your bucket list for 2017?

Have A Safe Journey!


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