London: Hotel Xenia

*Please note, this post is not sponsored, it is what I truly think. If you don’t believe me, go there and check it out for your own*

I find it weird to admit, but for how much I love traveling and being the homeless girl (cause the world is her home) there are some things I truly hate about traveling. Such as an uncomfortable hotel bed. Ending up in a bad district of the city. Bad Wi-Fi. Obviously, this happened a few times when I decided I was going to handle the situation like the adult I sometimes pretend to be.

Fortunately, I have an amazing and caring father who decided to pay for my last two nights in one of London’s best hotels, last January, actually London’s best hotel: the Hotel Xenia.

The Hotel Xenia is located in Earl’s Court, but actually it’s pretty much next to Kensington, in Cromwell’s Road. It’s a 5 stars hotel, part of the Autograph Collection. The place is calm and relaxing, the atmosphere easygoing. I didn’t feel like an outsider when entering in a 5 stars hotel and if you knew me, you would know I don’t (sorry fam) look like a 5 stars woman. I mean, I grew up in a hotel so I pretty much know what it’s like to be in a luxurious place. Still, when you enter the Hotel Xenia they make you feel at home. They make you feel at ease. And this is what I like about the place. Because you can be a girl in a 5 stars without actually looking like one and that’s fine with them.

The room was cozy and quiet, the bathtub was heaven in the cold winter of London. It was simply magical.


Plus, I guess they have the coolest luggage mat ever, I mean, look at this!


Have A Safe Journey!


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